Trading hours – Easter long weekend

Just a reminder that the Easter long weekend is coming up. We will be closed Good Friday 25/3 and Easter Monday 28/3.

Remember that we’re open Thursday nights until 7pm, so feel free to come and grab your device then. Wouldn’t wanna spend the whole weekend without your laptop or your kids iPad wink emoticon


Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.34.31 am

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Want to run windows on your mac?

Do you want to run Windows on your mac? There are a few different ways to do this, check out my site for a full run down!

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iPad 2 Screen Replacement: Tips & Tricks

G’day everyone!

Today I would like to share a couple of tips that make replacing iPad 2 glass digitisers a whole lot easier. These are not eye opeing, amqzing techniques that will halve your repair time BUT… they will help to prevent the stupid/silly mistakes that almost everybody makes on their first few iPad repairs.

First – If you are following an online guide (like this one: iFixit guide), keep in mind that while they usually warn about hot spots around the edges (delicate areas where cables are etc), they often neglect to emphasise how delicate these areas really are!

The top right hand corner for example, has 2 tiny ribbon cables (one for the mute button and one for the volume cable) both of which often get stuck in the adhesive securing the glass. Even when you know they are there, it can be very difficult to seperate them from the glass (particularly when the glass above them is shatter or cracked). Replacing these cables, which are infact one cable with many ‘fingers’, is not particularly expensive ($20-$25), but it does add an hour or so to your repair (and its a really annoyingly fiddly job!).

The 3G models also have 2 GSM antenna’s, which are just wide ribbon cables, glued to the glass along the top edge. As with the above, you must seperate these from the glass before lifting the edge up at all or you will break them (and you must make sure you are seperating them from the glass rather than from the plastic blocks below them).

Second – Keep your iPad 2 LCD clean! As you remove the glass and its breaks and crumbles, try to vacuum the glass AWAY from your LCD. Also do your best to avoid touching the LCD (wear gloves!) at anytime as once its got a fingerprint it will never be the same (no matter what you clean it with!). Once the glass is totally removed, DO NOT immediatly try to wipe or clean the LCD as the glass dust will leave horrible scratches! BRUSH it off first (preferably with a nice ESD safe brush), remove it from the iPad and place it aside, and only reinstall it when you are ready to test and seal up the iPad with its new glass.

So, hopefully these tips will help you guys avoid some of the pitfalls I encountered when I first started doing iPad and iPhone Glass replacement. Let me know if you need a hand, I’m always happy to offer free advice (and even happier if you want to pay me to do it instead!),

Cheers guys!

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MacBook 15″ LCD Replacement

G’day Guys!

Here’s a new one… So I went to change the LCD on a A1260 (2008) MacBook Pro 15″ with a nice shiny replacement one I had ordered from my laptop screen man (he is actually called ‘the laptop screen man’). Anyway, I discovered that the LCD I had ordered looked exactly the same but had a slightly wider frame on the left hand side. This was all well and good except that the original had a slightly larger side on the RIGHT hand side!

After a bit of research, I discovered that this is just one of those weird apple things. Some are lefties and some are righties, and the only way to tell is buy opening it up! So if your ordering a new 15″ MacBook Pro LCD, make sure you pull it out and check which one you have BEFORE you order it!

Or shot me an email from my website and I can help you out.

Cheers guys,
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iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy s2

G’day all, welcome back!

So I have been thinking about getting an Android phone, just for personal use – don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone, but Android seems to be hanging around so I thought it might be fun to play with one for a while.

I came across a good deal on a Samsung Galaxy s2 and thought I might trade up my 4S. They are comparable on pretty much every level, similar CPU’s, same camera, etc, and I was about to go for it when I sat the iPhone next to the Galaxy and noticed the screens.

Now we all know the iPhone retina display is amazing, and of course, I wouldn’t expect the Samsung to equal it, but the difference was enormous! The Galaxy display was not even close in terms of brightness, which is fine right, not a big issue. BUT the galaxy display also had a slightly blue tinge to it! Now, I’m not saying the screen on the galaxy is bad – far from it, it was nice and clear (not so bright but hey), and I understand that the displays will differ slightly in colour profiles from device to device. But the blue tinge on the Galaxy is quite off-putting (note that I did check this on a number of galaxy’s, not just one!). 

So in my opinion, if your planning on picking up an android phone, perhaps take a look at one of the HTC’s, in fact anything other than the Galaxy S2. 

On a side note, I should mention that I am now doing Samsung Galaxy S screen replacement on the Gold Coast as well as the usual iPhone glass and screen repairs.

Cheers guys!

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iPad 1 Glass Repair

Good morning all,

So I just had the first iPad 1 glass repair in a long time. I went off to order the replacement iPad 1 glass digitiser and discovered that both go the suppliers I used to get these form have stopped selling them! I did manage to track down another seller, but then discovered the iPad 1 screens are now almost double the price that they use to be!

The moral of the story is: stock up on iPad 1 screens if you can get em at a good price because it looks like they will only be going up in price form now on in! If you need to replace iPad 1 Glass on the Gold Coast, please drop me a line, i’m always happy to lend a hand!


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PC Computer and Laptop Repairs

Good morning everyone!

So I just noticed that I have been focusing excessively on apple macbook and iPad 2 repairs lately. I thought I should remind you all that I also service and repair windows PC’s. I am a qualified PC technician, in fact I was qualified on PC’s well before I got started with Apple products. In terms of my own personal computers, I made the transition to apple products during college and never looked back.

Regardless, I still offer PC desktop and laptop repairs on the gold coast. So if you have any questions or need help with any PC issues, please feel free to drop me line!

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